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The festival which is important for the people of Tokyo is New Year. In Tokyo, people use to do feast by gathering with their families and having the visit to their local shrines and temples. In these temples and shrines, they demand good fate in the coming year by offering prayer to god. The fantastic time to spend in Tokyo is New Year. The celebration of New Year comprises lots of fun and entertainment. To attend the New Years countdown 2019 events which will take place at various locations of Tokyo, is considered to be the best way to spend the holiday. We have chosen best Happy New Year 2019 countdown events in Tokyo and they are discussed in the following manner.

New Years Countdown 2019

In Edogawa Ward in Tokyo, a popular leisure park is located to which we call Kasai Seaside Park. This Park of Tokyo has gained recognition due to its largest Ferris wheel. This park includes the Tokyo Sea Life park aquarium and a bird sanctuary. Among the 23 wards of Tokyo, it is considered to be the second-largest park. This is the place which will host New Years countdown 2019 events. These New Years countdown 2019 events will include live shows, spectacular fireworks and more.

Happy New Year’s Countdown 2018

Happy New Year’s Countdown 2019

By visiting Tokyo bay Countdown Cruise, we can celebrate New Year in the most romantic and spectacular way. This visit includes amazing fireworks display and sails around the Tokyo Bay with New Year Song by a marching band and exclusive buffet style dinner. We can have the splendid views of landmarks of Tokyo like Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. Its visit is considered to be fantastic experience during Happy New Year countdown. The best time to enjoy our life is Happy New Year 2019 countdown.

new year countdown

New Years countdown 2019
New Years countdown 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Countdown

The oldest amusement park in Japan is Hanayashiki. It is located in Asakusa (popular tourist area). Sensoji temple is only a few steps away from it. For countdown event of 2019, this park will be opened at night. After Happy New Year’s Countdown 2019 New Year celebration in this park will include gorgeous illuminations, special live show and park rides. after that now start counting to welcome this memorable occasion.

New Years Countdown 2019

One of the best New Year countdown events is JoyPolis Countdown Happy New Year 2019. Tokyo Joypolis is the indoor amusement park in which entertainment with cutting edge technology and latest games are offered. Every year, this park organise New Years Countdown 2019 event. This event comprises live shows by comedians and renowned musicians which are continued till the morning.

New Year 2019 Countdown

Parties are the best way to celebrate each and every occasion. Similarly, New Year can be celebrated in Tokyo by its parties at clubs. New Year 2019 Countdown events are a part of so many clubs at Tokyo. These clubs lie especially in the area of Shibuya and Roppongi. People rushed towards these clubs for purchasing their tickets. The sale of these tickets is large in number.

New Years Countdown 2019 Theme

Children are the form of god. They are supposed to deal with love and care. We cannot say anything in front of their innocence. New Year is the occasion which is meant for each and every individual. It is not necessary that New Year is celebrated by elders but it is celebrated by kids also. Even the eve of New Year becomes astonishing by the presence of kids. Kids make the atmosphere of celebration to be entertaining. Funny images are enjoyed by kids until the end of New Year’s day 2019 countdown. During New Years Countdown kids play a series of songs for their entertainment. It’s time to make discussion on the fact that “How kids celebrate New Year?” in the following way.

Happy New Year 2019 Countdown Clock

On the occasion of New Year, we can entertain kids by playing party games. These games are not only for kids but also for elders. The party games include housie, dhamrasthra and ludo etc. These games are supposed to be played until the midnight of 31 December. During New Years countdown 2019 it is planned to share funny messages by kids. During New Years countdown 2019 it is planned to exchange funny images of cartoon characters by kids on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Happy New Year 2019 Countdown Clock
Happy New Year 2019 Countdown Clock

New Year 2019 Countdown Videos

Children are fond of toffees and balloons. The best way to celebrate New Year by kids is to insert toffees into a big balloon. After that, we have to blow the balloon. Until the midnight of 31 December, children have to play with the balloon and when the countdown begins it is allowed to be hanged on the ceiling. When the midnight rings out, a child has to stand on the stool and pierce the balloon with knife or needle. The toffees spread out into that room. Children have to collect these toffees and eat them. Thus, the child uses to play with toffees and balloon during Happy New Year countdown. People of all ages enjoy during Happy New Year countdown.

happy new year 2018 countdown

Happy New Year Countdown Images

The drink which is meant for children is cold-drink like Thumbs-up and Pepsi etc. Children love to drink the cold drink. Children are not allowed to drink wine, whisky and beer. They use to drink cold drink instead of champagne. On the occasion of New Year, they shake the bottle of cold-drink and enjoy the drink by saying Advance Happy New Year 2019.

On the occasion of Christmas, children use to decorate the tree. For celebrating New Year some children keep the tree of Christmas with them and redecorate it. They invite other kids to play with them. During the midnight of 31 December, they pray to god and demand their wishes. At that time they also make resolutions and welcome the coming year by saying Happy New Year in the chorus.

New Year 2018 Countdown

New Year 2019 Countdown Party

Children have a fun to play with water. The best way to entertain children during New Year is the pool party. In the pool party, children moved into the small pool of water and play with one another by throwing water. But this pool part is carried out for some minutes, as, there is a threat for them to get ill.

Thus, Tokyo is the best place to celebrate New Year. The countdown events which are mentioned in the above-written matter make it be the best tourist attraction.

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