Happy New Year 2019 in Korea (North Korea, south Korea), Celebration and Traditions of Korean New Year 2019

new year 2019 korean traditions

The country which is situated in South Asia is termed as Korea. It is divided into two states North Korea and South Korea.  If we love to enjoy and want to have the grand celebration of New Year then the best destination is Korea. Korea is the place where we have the wonderful beginning of the coming year. For celebrating Korean New Year people from all over the world flocked towards this place. If we want lots of fun and entertainment then, Korean New Year has to be celebrated. For celebrating New Year in Korea we have to visit its places. These places are described in the following manner.

Happy New year Celebration In Korea

  • Busan

The most popular location situated in the far eastern corner of the Korean peninsula is Busan.  Here Happy New Year is celebrated by watching first sunrise and after that we have to make a wish. Haedong Yonggungsa temple is situated in the north-east of Busan. Happy New Year 2019 in Korean style will be celebrated by having the breathtaking ocean view of this temple. Therefore this beautiful place is well suited if we want to celebrate Happy New Year 2019 in Korean style.

happy new year 2019 in korea

  • Seoul

The traditional way for celebrating Happy New Year 2019 in Korea (North Korea, South Korea) is ringing of the landmark bell that is ending the previous year and beginning the coming year. This bell is called as Bosingak Bell. This bell is supposed to be rung by 16 people comprising the Mayor of Seoul. Along with the bell ringing tradition, another way to celebrate Happy New Year 2019 in Korea (North Korea, South Korea) is to enjoy the final countdown party in Seoul.

korean new year 2019 celebration

  • Jeongdongjin And East Sea

Jeogdongjin Beach is situated on the east coast of Korea. For celebrating New Year’s Day 2019 we can have the view of the first sunrise of the coming year and pray for getting the things done like the prosperous business, great academic results and good health etc. This tradition of celebrating New Year is followed after hearing the ringing of Bosingak Bell. The celebration of New Year is continued by visiting stunning coastal cities of Sokcho and Gangneung and historical Nakshanda Temple.

  • Jeju Island

Another option to celebrate New Year in Korea is Jeju Island. This place is well known for its striking beautiful scenery. Nobody misses the chance to visit this place while celebrating New Year. People of different places rushed its peak called Seongscan Ilchulbong for watching first sunrise of the year. The height of this peak is 182 meters. 99 sharp rocks surrounded the tip of its peak. Its visit can be carried out through horse riding, boat, bike and car.

 new year 2019 korean traditions

  • Islands On Han River

If you have taken the decision to visit the places of Korea for celebrating New Year then the best place is islands on Han river. There are some categories of people which do not like to do party and Islands on Han River is the place which does not include parties and people with their loved ones can celebrate New Year by spending time in a peaceful environment of this place. This place is also meant for watching first sunrise of the year along with sharing food and watching stunning fireworks with friends and family members.

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