Happy New year In 2019 Norway – Celebration Norwegian New Year 2019

happy new year 2019 Norway

In Europe, a beautiful country is located called as Norway. It is not only rich in economy and growth but also rich in its tradition and heritage. Among the different traditions of the country of Norway, there is one tradition and that is to celebrate New Year by its people. Norwegian New Year is celebrated in a very high profile style and manner. Happy New Year 2019 in Norwegian celebration is considered to be unique and distinct if compared to the celebration of other occasions. People who celebrate New Year in Norway use to get a beautiful experience and it is difficult for them to forget such type of experience.

Happy New Year 2019 Celebrations In Norway

The time when the person experiences lots of amusements, celebration and festivities is the New Year in Norway. People will leave no stone unturned while doing Happy New Year 2019 in Norway preparations. There will be no words for describing Norway New Year 2019 preparations. In a grand manner, all the events and tasks of past year use to get closed and the coming year use to arrive with new hopes and desires in Norway. This is the time when each and every person of not even Norway but also of the whole world gets delighted. It is the occasion which convinces everyone to the great extent. People of Norway dance, drink and eat until the arrival of midnight of 31st December. This celebration also includes the firecrackers show. New Year 2019 celebration in Norway includes so many social parties with friends and family members. Tourists from different countries of the world visit Norway to celebrate the occasion. The celebration of this occasion also comprises raising of toasts and sharing of greetings and wishes. All the towns of Norway face the hottest parties during this occasion. Party at nightclubs, pubs and discotheque are also the part of New Year celebration in Norway. People of Norway celebrate Norwegian New Year 2019 this occasion by organising a grand dinner which includes special dishes and wine. If any person in Norway eats pork during New Year then it symbolises the sufficient food resources in his or her life in the coming year.

Norwegian New Year 2019

Traditions Of Celebrating Happy New Year 2019 In Norway

The New Year celebration in Norway comprises so many traditions and customs. The traditions and customs of New Year in Norway are as follows.

  • The First tradition includes movement of small children towards neighbours along with singing special songs belong to New Year. These children use to get candies in return by these neighbours.
  • The Second tradition is Halloween like tradition which is also called as Nyttarsbukk. According to this tradition, people wear fancy dress and go to the houses of their friends and family members and in return, they get the party of drinks.
  • The third tradition includes the preparation of symbolic dish of rice pudding along with almond hidden in it. It is believed that the sweet taste of the dish will bring sweet year. The year will be lucky if we find the hidden almond in the dish. That means the year will bring lots of wealth and fortune.

Happy New Year 2019 in Norway

Thus, Happy New Year 2019 in Norway will be the great party for all the people of the world. Happy New Year 2019 in Norway will be celebrated by the people of all the ages.

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